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Start Free Business Association with Amigo Infoservices

Have business ideas ever come to your mind? We know that deciding to create a venture is not easy since due to the increase in enterprises that have taken place in recent years, it is difficult to find that added value that will differentiate your product or service from those that already exist in the market. But do not worry! Get in touch with Amigo Infoservices. We offer the best yet free business opportunity.

This is the business of BPO Franchise and today we are going to discuss on what are the benefits to start your own business with Amigo Infoservices ?
There are many benefits that you will receive when you start your own business and elevate your dreams to the plane of reality.

Job stability:

By developing your business ideas of ​​entrepreneurship you ensure your future job and your professional profile. You will no longer have to wait for a company to hire your services, but instead, you will provide job stability to other people.

Lead a team of employees:

You will have the possibility to decide who to hire to be part of your business and become a true leader. When you have clear the objectives you want to meet and you can choose the collaborators yourself, it is easier to find the people who connect with your ideas.

Independence in your schedule:

With the BPO Franchise, you can work in your dreams the hours you want having the satisfaction of starting or ending at any time of the day. This benefit can sometimes be a bit negative since when you start your venture you must dedicate yourself 24/7 to it, therefore, sometimes it will take away your family and/or friends' time.
However, managing your schedule will allow you to have the freedom to organize your agenda according to your needs.

Opportunity to be your boss:

This is the free best business opportunity. When you are an entrepreneur you can freely make your decisions without having to consult or wait for approval from a superior.
Going out for diligence, taking a rest day during the week or working from a different place to the office, are activities that being your boss you can do.

Job generator:

You will be the creator of many job opportunities and your ideas will help improve the quality of life of your employees.

Work from anywhere in the world:

One of the great advantages of being an entrepreneur is to be able to choose your workplace, be it your home or an office, you will have the opportunity to start your work from wherever you want and disconnect from them whenever you like.


While it is true that at the beginning of every business, the expenses are higher than the income, 
planning and structuring your business well will reach a level of success where you will generate more income than working for a third party.

Do what you like:

Nobody undertakes something they don't like or don't believe, therefore if you feel passion for what you do then you will have fun working every day.

You can create something that leaves a mark:

Starting and creating your own business is a great opportunity to create something important to you and leave a mark on the world. Today there are a lot of profitable businesses and business initiatives that, rather than producing money, seek to satisfy a need, cover some type of lack and make their clients' lives much better.

How to start your own business with AmigoInfoservices ?

If the advantages seem attractive to you, see some tips on how to start your own business. Let's see:
Conduct market research:
Market research is ideal for those who wish to start a business and want to know if their proposal is profitable or not.
Do you want to learn how to do market research and make decisions that favor the growth of your business? Do not hesitate to contact Amigo Infoservices.

Create a business plan:

Own business is not something that can arise overnight and much less improvising. So you must establish a business plan in which details such as the steps to follow and the budget available.
The business plan is a strategic document that will guide all the actions of your company. The idea is that this plan anticipates all possible scenarios for your company. To create it you need to have a clear idea of ​​your objectives in the short, medium and long term, with twelve months in mind.

Create a marketing plan:

Today marketing is everything. For example, suppose you have an innovative business idea and the necessary budget to start it immediately and hire the best in the area to support the project.
However, you still need to get people to know your business and be encouraged to spend their money there. You accomplish all this with a marketing plan.

Gather a good team:

It is always good to have some help when it comes to entrepreneurship, especially if the support 
comes from professionals.
One of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when starting their own business is wanting to do everything themselves. So we recommend you to gather a good team of collaborators who are responsible for supporting the different work areas.

Study constantly:

To be a successful entrepreneur you must prepare and study constantly. Get used to reading news on business and entrepreneurship portals, research new market trends, take online courses, participate in events in your niche market.

Think scalability:

Focus on creating a scalable business proposal; that is, a company capable of multiplying its income without increasing its costs in the same way.
Are you interested in learning much more about how to start a scalable business? Amigo Infoservices invite you to visit our site.

Do you have unique business ideas? If not! Do not worry. Call us now and we will guide you with everything about your own business.

Do not miss to contact Amigo Infoservices and know more about the business ideas.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Free Call Center Business Opportunities

Call Center Projects have become essential tools for companies in their dealings with the user. In particular, for companies operating in certain sectors: banking, insurance, distribution, electricity, telephony, etc. The Call Center Franchise is essential to channel possible doubts that may arise, technical support, emergency or breakdown management and, in general, customer service by telephone.

If you are looking to start new business, Amigo Infoservices is offering the best deal. Read on to know keys to take advantage of the Amigo Infoservices bpo Projects: 

Advantages of the call center:

This versatility makes the call center an indispensable tool not only for large corporations but also for many small and medium businesses. 
In addition to the ability to act as a funnel for user demands, beyond that added value, customer service BPO Franchise also help minimize costs. Thus, the investment in personnel and equipment (computers, headphones with microphones and other telecommunications devices) is not high, if you take into account the revenue that the company achieves in return. In the same way, the maintenance of the call center is not high either.

Outsourced or own call center?

However, this expense will vary depending on whether you create your call center - which is less common or you hire it. In the first case, you buy the equipment and hire or train the personnel you already have on the payroll. In the second, you pay a specialized company to take care of everything. If you choose to have your call center, the initial investment will be greater than if you outsource it. If you prefer to obtain services from others, maintenance will cost you more.
So, depending on the resources and needs of each business, you can choose to install your Inbound BPO projects or hire the services of a specialized company like Amigo Infoservices

From the call center to the contact center:

Also, although these services were initially called a call center, at present, the companies of the sector themselves prefer the most recent contact center name, which adds to the telephone channel all the service channels available in each company: networks social (including WhatsApp), chat, emails, etc.

How to take advantage of a center in the company?

Whether a BPO Projects outsourced or not, there is a notable difference between a well-used customer service center and another that does not. 
Like any other resource, it has a fork that goes from its minimum performance to the maximum possible. Therefore, here we give you various keys to take advantage of a center in the company.

Working hours and shifts in the call center:

Every sector and even more every company is a world. There are different priorities, different aspirations, different customer profiles, etc. 
Therefore, each BPO Projects must be adapted to the needs and demands of each business. The first step in that line is to establish the most appropriate work schedule for the user. Some companies have chosen to play hard and have a permanent service, available 24 hours a day. 

Although for some businesses it can be useful and profitable, for most it is not. You can set a schedule from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., for example, but the key is to know when each company has the peaks and times of greatest demand for calls. Depending on them, you must reinforce the call center or not, as well as distribute work shifts.

If when you start operating with call center projects, you are not sure what your schedule should be, do not worry. You can, first of all, let yourself be advised if you have outsourced the service. 
Also, although you will surely have an intuition in that sense since you know your business, you can wait a while to see when there is more or less activity and, from your analysis, establish the most convenient work shifts and schedules for the company. As you will see later, measurements are a key practice to take advantage of the call center.

What does the customer want?

As derived to some extent from the previous point, you must ask yourself what people who contact the company are demanding (or those you call from the office, since a call center can also be a call issuer). 

You must take into account, not only the peaks or moments of greatest demand but also the content of the queries. For example, if you have a home repair business, surely the most advisable thing is that the staff is trained and prepared to handle emergencies. 
If you do not know it at the outset, with time and study you will be able to accurately draw your client's profile: age, sex, products and/or services that interest you, when, why and how many times you contact the call center, etc. If you are a novice in this business, do not worry! Amigo Infoservices will provide you complete training to start a new business.

The ideal is to facilitate the maximum relationship with the client and always seek their satisfaction, but in such a way that this is compatible with your possibilities in terms of costs and labor organization.

What is the purpose of your call center?

As a starting point, the purpose of any call center is to improve and facilitate communication with the customer. But it is advisable that you go a little further and try to set more specific objectives: increase user loyalty, boost sales of a particular product, etc.

Each channel of the call center is not an independent unit:

If we talk about companies of a certain size with a customer service center tailored to them, the frequency is that it is divided into areas: commercial, after-sales, claims, etc. Of course, this structuring is very practical for each user to be attended by the corresponding professional and avoid being passing calls from one destination to another by wasting both the company and the client's time.
To know complete details about this business, it is advisable to contact Amigo Infoservices.

Bpo Projects with Amigo Infoservices

We know that you came here precisely because of the secrets that we will reveal in our guide to start new business with Amigo Infoservices.

At Amigo Infoservices, we offer complete support if you want to start your own Call Center Projects.

Logically, you will incur necessary expenses, such as hiring your agents, paying the value of the telephone line and what the calls may cost you, but Amigo Infoservices promise you that with this method it will not be much more than that, and once you understand the benefit that it will bring For your business you will be more than convinced that it is worth it.
Before moving forward, we must make clear certain important points that you must understand and consider why it is important to continue to have call service in your business.

Importance of a Call Center Franchise:

Although telephone services are a very traditional form of customer service for better or worse, they are still indispensable.

We live in interesting times influenced by a large number of projects brought by the digital era that try to modify, and in many cases end, the traditional ways of doing things.
And although the benefits of these new tools are undeniable, in terms of staff reduction, more fluid services and greater availability of service channels, we can not only think about our needs but also focus on those of our customers.

Many companies strive to enable any number of modern channels, limiting or eliminating the existence of traditional channels, which is the same as closing the door in the face of a large number of customers who may not yet give way to new technologies or end up getting used to.
When thinking about making such an abrupt change in your company, it is good to consider every detail and be clear about the type of customers you deal with, so you can understand their needs very well without leaving anyone out.
For these reasons, be sure to guarantee at least these two things before making a big final decision:

Know your customers thoroughly: 

In any type of Bpo Projects, your goal should be to serve as many clients as possible, for that you should know which are the channels you use most to communicate. 
Digitizing all your channels disabling all the traditional options could be considered a bad service by an important quota of users since it is an incomplete service, some examples of this could be: Serve customers only through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or just answer calls by WhatsApp. This can generate dissatisfaction with your customers and keep you from fulfilling your goals.

It smoothes the shift towards the digital: 

We live in full transition from the traditional to the digital and this will not happen overnight and more so if it is Latin American countries. There will always be lags among your clients and their money is still important for the operation of their business, so it is imperative to offer balanced and friendly services for everyone.
Not because it is traditional, it should be outdated: even if you maintain traditional services among your service channels, the source of these does not have to be obsolete, you currently have a large number of digital options to solve all kinds of problems and benefit your company without your customers are affected.

How to create an ideal Inbound bpo project for SMEs or Entrepreneurs?

In this guide, we want to show you the normal stages through which all small or medium-sized businesses go through when they want to establish their call center. We will also review them one by one looking for the ideal solution so that you achieve the same with much less effort and almost nothing. 

1. Space - Local:

In Bpo Franchise, you will not need it. When it comes to traditional care centers, many companies need a dedicated space just for this area, however, some entrepreneurs or small businesses do not have adequate space or probably work online and do not even have a physical location. If this is your case, do not worry, this does not limit our plan and we will tell you why.

2. Furniture:

You won't need it either, today you're in luck Although there is special furniture for these service centers. You can currently set up a call center with up to 10 agents (or more) without having to buy a single chair, does it sound good? Keep reading.

3. Computers:

You guessed you won't have to buy computers either. At this point, you will believe that we are cheating on you, but we swear no, what luck that your intention is not to set up a traditional call center but a modern one with many more advantages and as you can see, almost for free.

4. Telephone lines:

Here begins your investment, obviously you need a unique corporate number for your company. These can be purchased from very cheap price per month with call options. The advantages offered by this telephone number are:
You can answer calls coming from your website, or any traditional telephone without problems or limitations and you will only pay for what you use.

5. A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system:

These programs help you keep the information of your customers and people who contact you organized, such as your call history, open cases, solutions to previous cases, preferences, etc. 
In this way your staff can always have this information at hand, you will make your client feel important and he will appreciate it. There are currently many options, here we will only show you the free ones, which you can easily integrate through the API (you probably need help from a programmer) with the same platform on which you will use your phone:
Before continuing, we want to be honest with you, a CRM is not super necessary to start, but depending on the size of your business, it is highly recommended.

If you are interested to know further or want to know some more free business ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch with Amigo Infoservices.

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Amigo Infoservices Delhi has Great Work from Home Jobs

Amigo Infoservices Delhi offers great work from home jobs to various job seekers. We are a prominent player in the business process outsourcing industry and have a wide range of job roles available with us. We encourage potential applicants to join and work from home. Amigo Infoservices jobs are technology-based and can be done by people with access to computers and high-speed internet. If you are a technical professional and looking to build a successful career in the BPO industry, then you should look no further than Amigo Infoservices Tilak Nagar.

The major benefits for people who want to work from home for us are as follows:

Time Saved on Commuting

Commuting for work can take up lot of time. Employees have to travel for long time duration to reach their office daily. The travel is generally very hectic and tiring. When you work from home, you do not have to go through this treacherous and stressful commute every day. You can save lot of time and stress by not traveling to your office daily and instead working from home. The time spend on commuting is very unproductive and something which you can never get back. Working from home allows you to make use of the time saved from commuting to more productive purposes. It also saves you the money involved in daily commute to work.

Working in a Stress-Free Environment

Working in an office can be very stressful for some people. An office is a high-pressure environment which can negatively affect some of us. Working from home is a lot less stressful than working in an office. You can be relaxed and work from the comfort of your home. You do not need to worry about being late to office or going through the unpleasant commute every day. This makes you focus better on the work and also helps to improve your efficiency and productivity.

Better Staff Retention

When staff are given a congenial and stress-free environment to work in, they are happy and generally do not leave the organization. Working from home provides greater flexibility to employees and they can work in a more comfortable and conducive work environment. It also helps you to achieve a better work-life balance which is missing in today’s hectic lifestyle. You can also take care of their family members like small children or elderly parents who need more attention and time. Employees are less likely to leave such a job and move to an employer which does not provide such flexibility and perks of working from home.

Better Access to Human Resources

Flexible offices and timings are becoming very sought-after by employees. The millennials are especially more inclined to take up such job offers. When an employer provides the flexibility and comfort of working from home, they can attract the best talents. Generally, companies lose out on good talents as they are unwilling to relocate to new locations due to their own reasons. However, the same persons can take up the job if they are allowed to work from their home. This ensures that the employers have access to the best talents for recruitment which further improves their productivity. 

Motivated and Self-Driven Staff

Working from home is an excellent motivation for employees. It appeals even more to the millennials who have grown up in the age of information technology and prefer flexible working hours and work culture. Working from home provides greater autonomy to the employees as they can setup their office environment according to their preferences. It also motivates the employees to work more diligently and give their best efforts which increases their productivity.


Businesses are trying to cut costs to improve their profitability. Allowing the staff, the flexibility of working from home brings in considerable economies of scale for both the employer and the employees. The employer does not have to spend heavily on large office spaces and can rent compact offices as employees will be working from home. You can also move to cheaper internet plans and reduce cost related to office consumables. The employees also benefit from it and can save costs which they would have otherwise incurred on daily commute to their offices, had they been working from their office.

Reduced Absenteeism and Leaves

Another significant advantage of allowing your staff to work from home is the reduced absenteeism and leaves. Globally, studies have indicated that staff take on an average 3.1 days of sick leaves in a year while those working from home only took 1.8 days of sick leaves. This can be attributed to the fact that employees who are mildly sick also tend to not travel to office as it can accentuate their illness. On the other hand, even if you are mildly sick, you can still work from the comfort of your home without worsening your health further. If you travel to office while you are sick, it can also spread to other employees who will also take sick leave in turn.

Spend More Time with Family

Most of us rarely find quality time to spend with our families due to being loaded with work. Working from home allows you to achieve an optimal work-life balance and spend more time with family. This keeps you in a better space mentally and emotionally and motivates you to work more efficiently.

Increased Productivity

Working from home also tends to increase your productivity as you are not working in a highly stressful and loud office environment. Working from home is a lot less stressful and pleasant which improves your efficiency and productivity. As per the Canada Life Survey, employees working from home ranked their productivity as 7.7 out of 10 compared to 6.5 out of 10 ranked by employees working from office. When you work from home you also eliminate any scope of office politics which can weigh you down and adversely affect your productivity at the workplace. A survey conducted by Stanford also found that employees working from home are found to be 13% more productive than those working from the office.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Call Center Projects

In recent years, call center or contact center businesses worldwide have experienced an increasingly marked trend of growth, in which call center projects plays a major role.

Our company has allowed the country to consolidate itself as by being the most viable options for our country and also to foreign countries. You get along with our call center services and know how we deal with our customers. You can also have some detailed information available on social media networks.

Call Centers in our company are for giving the opportunity to provide immediate service to the customer through the telephone.

In the beginning, it was mainly informative and had a character of service accessory to the main offer of the product. However, now we use expanded considerably, due to the strong competition, which turned a luxury service into a habitual and necessary channel of contact with our customers.
And also the strong demand of renowned clients, who increasingly enjoy less leisure time and therefore gives more value to his free time.

Increasing growth of our call center:

The impulse that our call center market is taking is largely due to the interest of the companies to hire services us which results in better customer service.

One of them is Amigo Infoservices Delhi which provides an ample amount of information for your perusal. Undoubtedly, Amigo Infoservices has been presenting the work which creates a very profitable market to invest in a venture. Of course, to have a brand new call center, there are certain basic elements that you need to incorporate in your company and all those factors are in support of our company.

There are few points on which our company works which highlight the price and value of the client's investment.

Skills that our company posses being a perfect call center operator:

We consider a call center work or working in it may be only limited to receiving calls and talking to customers. But that is just not the work.

Our employees are skilled and have the right talking way dealing in multiple languages being used on a regular basis. Also, they have been provided with great working space and environment. There is a routine set pattern followed in our call center. Our employee holds great responsibility for their clients and pays attention to their needs and demands. They carefully solve the problem and give you a pleasant experience while listening to your complaint or issues. Also, our company has excellent social marketing strategies which you can go through at Amigo Infoservices Twitter page.

You can refer the work carried out at our call center and also find out the exact working pattern of our call center. As mentioned earlier the strategies help us to grow in a rapid way so it is also important for us to get linked with you through social media. We have tried our best to serve the customers and also are followers to know what we are exactly providing for services.

How To Start a Bpo With Amigo Infoservices

What is BPO all about and how it is beneficial to companies?

If you are a first-time entrepreneur who is interested to start a BPO service of your own, then you are sure to have this question in your mind. These days, a good number of IT companies do require to outsource their networking security. For such businesses, especially those related to the IT industry will find bpo services to be beneficial. This process is said to exist for quite some time now and you can take the help of Amigo Infoservices Wordpress to set up a successful one. At Amigo Infoservices, you can seek outsourcing projects like data conversion, form filling, data entry, data processing, web designing, transcription services, web researching, call center services, etc.

About BPO

BPO or Business process and outsourcing as it is popularly known is the process where expertise services are provided on specific projects. There are many organizations eager to outsource their business projects to reliable and dedicated external BPO agencies to ensure that the task is completed on-time and without any hassles. At the same time, the objective of the bpo company is to keep the client’s customers happy and satisfied with professional, timely work. You can seek different types of your outsourcing projects at Amigo Infoservices Twitter.

Role & responsibility

As a BPO agency, it is your responsibility to make sure that the assigned job is completed within the set deadline. Few companies might be bothered about the expenses involved in using such services. But the fact is that taking the help of bpo services, the organization in any domain can save huge amount of money and headache. This is because, the professionals being specialized in that particular domain can take care of all necessary aspects on behalf of their clients. At the same time, it also increases overall efficiency, productivity and sticking to set targets for the client’s business it also helps to reduce work cost and workloads. Such services do offer an assurance of providing the very best practice, make use of the latest, sophisticated technology and high-end skills. It also enables good work delivery, innovates staff and uses steadily top quality technological equipments and devices.

With BPO services, it becomes possible for organizations to improve savings on costs, reduce stress and functioning of the HR department and increase their overall performance, focuses upon business objective and enhances business ability to deliver quick and impressive results as desired by the end customers.

The truth is that there is a great surge in the demand for outsourcing work with things like certain IT products and data entry services. You can realize your dream to become a successful entrepreneur by finding out more relevant information about BPO processes at AmigoInfoservices Linkedin. BPO services are very much essential for organizations these days, offers affordable services with enhanced security features. This way, businesses can work out is overall service costs and also reduces stress from its employees, allowing them to be at the top always. The organization is also able to monitor its finances and not lose money unnecessarily from unexpected quarters.

Start Free Business Association with Amigo Infoservices

Have business ideas ever come to your mind? We know that deciding to create a venture is not easy since due to the increase in ent...